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Albumen photo showing incredibly detailed images of an 1892 game in progress, at Seneca Park in Rochester, New York.  There appears to be action along every base path. 1890's - possibly earlier - baseball tintype featuring a catcher wearing a pair of early gloves, along with an early catcher's mask. Four telegrams related to manger H.C. Shedd's attempts to get the Boston Braves (1920) and Boston Red Sox (1919) to play baseball games against his Rutland, Vermont team:
  • received from Henry Sullivan of North Billerica, Mass (Sept 19, 1919)
  • sent to Secretary of the Boston Red Sox by H.C. Shedd (handwritten, 1919)
  • received from E G Barrows (Boston Red Sox) (Sept 16, 1919)
  • sent to Secretary of the Boston Braves by H.C. Shedd (handwritten, Oct 1,1920)
Three of these involved Shedd's attempt to bring the Boston Red Sox and Babe Ruth to Rutland, Vermont. The Red Sox were eventually booked for October 5, 1919. Also included with these four original telegrams is a 14-page booklet describing the event, published by the Rutland Historical Society in 2000.
1/9 plate ambrotype of a man who appears to be holding a billiard cue.
Crystal-clear 1/6 plate 1860's tintype featuring a beautiful woman, a great bat and a young man wearing what appear to be his striped soldier pants. The only issue is a ding in the right-hand corner; otherwise, almost flawless.
Letter written by Thomas Tanner, a Union soldier of the 139th Pennsylvania Regiment, Co. A. Tanner had some disturbing view's regarding Lincoln's recent Emancipation Proclamation (January, 1863). Willing to fight for the Union, he made it clear that he was not fighting to help end slavery. William & Lizzie Forrest (probably Northern relatives or friends of writer) are mentioned. Handwritten in pencil, four pages. From White Oak Church, Virginia to Mercer, Pennsylvania (Mother - Catherine Tanner) Harper's Ferry Postmark and stamp.
Letter written by Kirby Smith, class of 1869, to his sister. Baseball content: "Yesterday Sam and I were elected members of the "Miami Base Ball Club" which will meet in three quarters of an hour so I will have to be in a hurry with my letter." Then later in the letter: "But there is the bell, I know it is for ball for it turns over every pull."

The picture of Kirby Smith is NOT included (I do not own it).
Model 31 Burton Spain Cue. Ebony points, ivory inlays, Delrin joint, inverted shafts with ivory ferrules.
Five Approx. 4 x 5" large-format glass negatives of Willie Hoppe from the 1920's.
Ambrotype 1/2 plate - 1850’s mansion. In brown Union case not original to item. Case has been fitted with modern red mat and pinch pads.
Almost perfect Patriotic Thermoplastic Case and burgundy pinch pad. Mat, preserver, protective glass - all parts appear to be original. Beautiful image, heavy solarization.
Manager H.C. Shedd of the Rutland, Vermont semi-pro baseball team, in 1919 brought the Boston Red Sox and Babe Ruth to town to play a game. Shedd originally tried to get E.G. Barrows to agree to a September 21 date. Walter Johnson was told about it and sent this telegram indicating that he was available to pitch that day. The game ended up being played two weeks later and Johnson was not there.

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Willie Hoppe 1940s Photograph - Shooting Pool
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NFS: 1860's 1/6 plate Ambrotype - Possibly Confederate Civil War Soldier
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Daguerreotype 1/6 plate Example of Cleaning
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1850's 1/6 plate Ambrotype - Sun Burned Woman
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Willie Hoppe 1918 Promotional Photo on thick stock
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