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Specializing in Baseball and other Sports memorabilia, as well as Billiards and early photography.  if you have specific interests regarding Seattle Mariners items, please ask if you do not see what you are looking for.   Game-used baseballs, bats and jerseys - mostly Seattle - will be added in 2019.

**PLEASE NOTE: FIrearms are NOT for sale!  I will; however, be adding firearm-related products such as grips, holsters and publications...But no firearms.

Top to bottom: 1940's Brazillian Rosewood Hoppe Pro, 1940's rosewood Hoppe Pro with war-time joint, Gus Szamboti original leather wrap and ivory joint, Burton Spain Model 31, early 1900's French Brunswick repaired and refinished by D. Barenbrugge, Murray Tucker oak Titlist conversion, Murray Tucker bacote SP

1930 .38/44 Heavy Duty 1954 Colt 3-5-7 1946 .38/44 Heavy Duty Transitional
A very early N-frame Heavy Duty. The first of these shipped in early 1930 - this one shipped in November, 1930. Grips are elkhorn by Ken. The last two pictures show the gun with its service grips - not the original ones that the gun was shipped with, but the same.
Colt's first post-war 357 magnum. This one has had some trigger work and is a great little shooter. The box is un-marked, but went with another 3-5-7 that was only about 500 serial numbers higher (target as well).
Early post-war .38/44 with Pachmayr grips. Fixed sights, 4" barrel, pre-war frame
Smith & Wesson 75th Anniversary 1931 Catalogs 1970 Colt Python Ted Williams 1938 handwritten letter
Comparison of two S&W 1931 catalogs. The one on the left (1st acquired) came with a mailing envelope, Retail Price List, and brochure for the .38/44 Heavy Duty and Outdoorsman. The one on the right (2nd acquired) came with a Dealer's Price List. It is a little older, as it does not have the '.38/44 S&W Special' cartridge listed at the bottom right of page 24, or in the 'Ballistics' list on page 46
1970 6" blued Colt Python with Colt archive letter, original box and paperwork.
Letter written to Johnny Lutz while playing with the Minneapolis Millers in 1938
Willie Hoppe 1918 Promotional Photo on thick stock Smith & Wesson Firearm Photos Set of 16 Billiard Balls Signed by Willie Mosconi
Beautiful promotional photo of Willie Hoppe performing a masse shot. By White of New York, dated Feb 23, 1918. Size is 8 x 10.
1. 1920s-Wolf & Klar - 1927, blue 5" + 1920's Mallory, Hoppe autograph, 1905-10 Cue
2. 1930s-Heavy Duty - 1930, Nickel 5" + stuff
3. 1950s-357 magnum - 1955 & Highway Patrolman - 1957 + stuff
4. Wolf & Klar - 1927, blue 5"
5. 1940s-1946 Heavy Duty transitional
6-7. 1930 Heavy Duty - forcing cone/cylinder
Set of 16 pool balls signed by Willie Mosconi, each with an SGC authentication sticker and card. Mosconi signed many sets of these ball, some less well-done than others - this is a particularly nice set and the balls are available individually (as a set until the first ball is sold). Balls were at one time authenticated by JSA as an entire set, but that documentation is lost. As good as these Mosconi-signed balls get. Inquire if interested and I will photograph balls individually. I do not know who made the balls - the box has no detail.

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Daguerreotype - Rare Stereoview
Price: $395.00
Willie Hoppe 1940s Photograph - Shooting Pool
Price: $45.00
Willie Hoppe - 1940 Photograph - Shooting Pool
Price: $45.00