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NFS: 1850's 1/6 plate Primitive Ambrotype

Ambrotype (clear glass) 1/6 plate - Primitive Blue Lady. Full geometric Union case (not original to photo). Originally came with fancy oval mat and preserver, but both were removed to better display the piece.
1850's 1/6 plate Ambrotype - Sun Burned Woman
Price: $95.00

Ambrotype 1/6 plate - Red-Faced woman, full split wood case. This is a woman who evidently has been sun-burned while working in the fields, translating to a dark face as seen in the image. Back painted, varnished with evidence of double-eliptical mat (no mat when acquired). Added sandy single eliptical mat to go with original preserver. Case repaired with black paper tape.
NFS: 1860's 1/6 plate Ambrotype - Possibly Confederate Civil War Soldier
Price: $125.00

Extremely clear ambrotype of a roughly-dressed man, possibly a Confederate soldier. The Union embossed eagle/shield on the front of the case was scraped off long ago, possibly because the image is of a Confederate soldier.
1860's 1/9 plate Ruby Ambrotype - Child with Knife!
Price: $175.00

1/9 plate ruby ambrotype of a Civil War-era boy brandishing a knife.
1860's 1/9 plate Ruby Ambrotype - Melancholy Union Infantry Soldier
Price: $185.00

Almost perfect Patriotic Thermoplastic Case and burgundy pinch pad. Mat, preserver, protective glass - all parts appear to be original. Beautiful image, heavy solarization.
1850's 1/2 plate Ambrotype - Southern Home
Price: $295.00

Ambrotype 1/2 plate - 1850’s mansion. In brown Union case not original to item. Case has been fitted with modern red mat and pinch pads.
1850's 1/9 plate Ambrotype - Billiard Player?
Price: $475.00

1/9 plate ambrotype of a man who appears to be holding a billiard cue.
1860's 1/4 plate Ruby Ambrotype - Post-Mortem Civil War?
Price: $485.00

Perplexing and unique-pose 1/4 plate ruby ambrotype.