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NFS: Daguerreotype 1/4 plate 'Settler Family'

Beautiful large rustic photograph of a frontier family.
NFS: 1840-43 Daguerreotype - 1/6 plate

Daguerreotype 1/6 plate - Sam Houston look-alike. Full wood case (‘Lyre and Greek Corners’ Plumbe 1843 or 50), purple pad (1840-48), pebbled oval mat (1840-55), no preserver. Rinsed and sealed March 2016. Hallmark: L.B.B. & Ce 40 (Rinhart 31a, ca 1840-45). ~1843
Early Daguerreotype - 1/6 plate
Price: $95.00

Daguerreotype 1/6 plate - Beautiful artistic portrait of a Lackadaisical Woman. No case, pebbly double-eliptical mat. Cleaned (ammonia) 3-2016. HM-40 Lots of plate scratches - rather abused and crimped along all edges.
1845 Daguerreotype - 1/6 plate Levi Waterhouse
Price: $135.00

Daguerreotype 1/6 plate - Levi Waterhouse, Erie, b.1817 (written on inside of case). Full split wood case (not in Nolan's book), dark red silk pad. Pebbled oval mat (1840-55), no preserver. Rinsed, re-sealed March 2016. No HM ~1845
Daguerreotype - Rare Stereoview
Price: $395.00

Rare daguerreotype stereoview of 'metal Hessian soldier statue', with new casing. Subject is unknown (probably 1800-20), but 'Hessian' is as descriptive as I can get.