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NFS: 1860's 1/6 plate Ambrotype - Possibly Confederate Civil War Soldier
Price: $125.00

Extremely clear ambrotype of a roughly-dressed man, possibly a Confederate soldier. The Union embossed eagle/shield on the front of the case was scraped off long ago, possibly because the image is of a Confederate soldier.
1860's 1/9 plate Ruby Ambrotype - Child with Knife!
Price: $175.00

1/9 plate ruby ambrotype of a Civil War-era boy brandishing a knife.
Letter + Env. - Feb 18 1863 Civil War Emancipation Proclamation content
Price: $175.00

Letter written by Thomas Tanner, a Union soldier of the 139th Pennsylvania Regiment, Co. A. Tanner had some disturbing view's regarding Lincoln's recent Emancipation Proclamation (January, 1863). Willing to fight for the Union, he made it clear that he was not fighting to help end slavery. William & Lizzie Forrest (probably Northern relatives or friends of writer) are mentioned. Handwritten in pencil, four pages. From White Oak Church, Virginia to Mercer, Pennsylvania (Mother - Catherine Tanner) Harper's Ferry Postmark and stamp.
1860's 1/9 plate Ruby Ambrotype - Melancholy Union Infantry Soldier
Price: $185.00

Almost perfect Patriotic Thermoplastic Case and burgundy pinch pad. Mat, preserver, protective glass - all parts appear to be original. Beautiful image, heavy solarization.
1860's 1/6 plate Tintype - Civil War Soldier with Great Coat
Price: $235.00

Here is a killer 1/6 plate tinted tintype of a Union Infantry soldier in his great coat.
1860's 1/4 plate Ruby Ambrotype - Post-Mortem Civil War?
Price: $485.00

Perplexing and unique-pose 1/4 plate ruby ambrotype.