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Specializing in Baseball and other Sports memorabilia, as well as Billiards and early photography.  if you have specific interests regarding Seattle Mariners items, please ask if you do not see what you are looking for.

As of Feb 2, 2018 I will be adding additional pool cues.   Feel free to email me to discuss any that show as 'out of stock' or do not have prices.

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250 items should be loaded by Feb 28 including pool cues, Charles Conlon Baseball photographs, BaseBall magazines, baseball autographs and game-used items and more.

Top to bottom: 1940's Brazillian Rosewood Hoppe Pro, 1940's rosewood Hoppe Pro with war-time joint, Gus Szamboti original leather wrap and ivory joint, Burton Spain Model 31, early 1900's French Brunswick repaired and refinished by D. Barenbrugge, Murray Tucker oak Titlist conversion, Murray Tucker bacote SP

NFS: 1900-1920 French Brunswick Wedge Billiard Cue 1940's Hoppe Pro Pool Cue - Brazilian Rosewood 1940's War-time Hoppe Pro Titlist Cue, Price: ASK
Very rare early 1900's French Brunswick cue, restored by myself and Dave Barenbrugge. Cue is a reddish-brown wood with "Macassar ebony look" figuring, 'Made in France' stamped in the forearm, a Brunswick propellor logo also stamped on the forearm, ivory and ebony wedges, ivory buttplate and joint, and the original wood pin-in-shaft used by Dave to create a new shaft. Total length is about 58" with the shaft longer than normal. The cue was probably originally a carom cue, but is now quite playable. Every effort was made to restore this cue to what it was originally. See detailed description for restoration description.

(weight is approximate)
Super-vibrant veneers - very unusual for '1st label, 1st Hoppe signature' early 1940's Hoppe Pros. Very clean and straight cue with two original (as far as I can tell) shafts - best veneers and overall best example of a 1940's Brazilian Rosewood Hoppe Pro you will ever see. See detailed description for further information about this cue.

1940's Hoppe Pro. This is the only 'War time joint' Hoppe Pro that I have seen that is NOT ebony or Brazilian Rosewood. Hand-rubbed refinish (by me), with new leather wrap and new shaft by Jerry Rauenzahn.
**Photos show pre-refinish - will update as time permits**
1940's War-Time Shield Hoppe Pro Pool Cue - Brazilian Rosewood, Price: ASK Murray Tucker Titlist Pool Cue - 1940s Oak conversion, Price: ASK 1890's Baseball tintype with early glove and mask
War-time joint (non-brass) with steel pin, steel shaft insert and rare 'shield' weight-stamp. Longer veneers than the normal 1940's Hoppe Pros - this seems consistent among cues with war-time joints. Less taper (fatter) at top of wrap and throughout the forearm than other 1940's Hoppe Pros I have owned. Shaft is original to the cue (steel war-time shaft insert) but appears to have a later ferrule and has no tip. Shaft is not straight.
Satin-finish, near-mint condition Murray Tucker oak Titlist conversion. Features mop notched-diamond and dot inlays in the butt. 2 shafts, one unplayed and the other with minimal play, approx 13mm

(weight is approximate)
1890's - possibly earlier - baseball tintype featuring a catcher wearing a pair of early gloves, along with an early catcher's mask.
NFS: Burton Spain Model 31 Pool Cue - ebony and ivory 1850's 1/9 plate Ambrotype - Billiard Player? Baseball Cabinet photo: Seneca Park-Rochester,NY - 1882 action albumen
Model 31 Burton Spain Cue - mid-1980's. Ebony points, ivory inlays, Delrin joint, inverted shafts with ivory ferrules.
**Currently being refinished by Joel Hercek**
1/9 plate ambrotype of a man who appears to be holding a billiard cue.
Albumen photo showing incredibly detailed images of an 1892 game in progress, at Seneca Park in Rochester, New York.  There appears to be action along every base path.
1920's large-format negatives (slides) of Willie Hoppe - 5 Danny Tibbitts Ebony Pool Cue - signed 1991, Price: ASK Willie Hoppe 1918 Promotional Photo on thick stock
Five Approx. 4 x 5" large-format glass negatives of Willie Hoppe from the 1920's.
Custom-made, this Tibbitts cue has the typical incredible Danny Tibbitts hit; however, specs are a bit different from his normal cues as it was part of a special 4-cue "exotic woods" set of cues made for a customer. Forearm and butt are ebony and everything white is ivory, including the white rings, except possibly the buttcap which is hand-engraved 'Tibbitts Sept 1991'. The wrap is green speck Cortland linen. Also comes with 1x2 ebony & ivory joint protector set by Alton. A very early Tibbitts with a rare signature!
Beautiful promotional photo of Willie Hoppe performing a masse shot. By White of New York, dated Feb 23, 1918. Size is 8 x 10.

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Willie Hoppe 1940s Photograph - Shooting Pool
Price: $45.00
Daguerreotype - Rare Stereoview
Price: $395.00
Willie Hoppe - 1940 Photograph - Shooting Pool
Price: $45.00
1850's 1/6 plate Ambrotype - Sun Burned Woman
Price: $95.00
Boxing pamphlet: covers Jack Johnson vs Tommy Burns - 1908 fight
Price: $365.00